Rev. David W. Baker attended Concordia Theological Seminary ,Ft. Wayne Indiana, graduating in 1982 with a Master's of Divinity.  Although a proud native of Colorado, he started his career with a medium sized church in Texas.  His second church, a bit larger, on the eastern high plains of Colorado was an exciting and rewarding time.  He came to Hudson, in  2000 as  a vacancy pastor, and was called be our regular pastor in 2003. 
Some have called him a "jack of all trades"  for he has an electrical degree in telecommunications  and  also a nursing degree.  He loves to weld and tinker, and  often is caught building or making something a little out of the ordinary.
He worked in the past with Biblical Orthodox Lutheran Mission teaching on the Internet to people from around the world.  This ministry reaches out mainly to those of Middle Eastern descent.
He now is also shepherding Our Saviour Lutheran Church in Commerce City Colorado. Interesting enough, in 1999-2000- he was their vacancy pastor.
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Elder Dan Rupple is an airline pilot with Frontier Airlines.  Although he quite often is zooming around the far reaches of God's green earth, he is a valuable asset to our church with his soft style and joyful wit.
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Elder David Powers operates his own business with his son.  He is very busy most of the time and is new to the Board of Elders.  We thank him for his commitment and are excited about the possible ideas and spiritual maturity he brings with him.

Elder John Smith and his wife Anna and children ( Finn, Mikk, Reece and Jack)  
They all have been and are a great blessing to us.
John has worked for Arrowhead Landscaping for 2 years now.  
He joined our Church through adult Confirmation. He is easily approachable, and is able to articulate what he believes. 
We welcome him with excitement.