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We have permission from the Author's wife to publish this material for your benefit.  Please do not violate copyright laws.  Any republishing of this material needs to aquire proper permission from the family.


     From January through November of 1987, I had the distinct privilege and honor of conducting a Bible Study on the basis of Revelation. As a pastor emeritus, living in retirement, I had ample time to read a number of commentaries and other books on Revelation. Copious notes were made, which were used in the Sunday morning presentations to the Adult Bible Class. (This class had an average attendace of 80-105 men and women each Sunday morning.) The lectures and discussions were well received; and many members of the class requested that, on the basis of these presentations, I should write a book on Revelation. That, briefly stated, is the history behind the publication of this book.
Of the various commentaries that I read, I enjoyed particularly the scholarly work of the late Dr. S. W. Becker, entitled “Revelation - The Distant Triumph Song.” True, there are some portions of Revelation on which he and I have differing views. Generally speaking, however, I find myself in full agreement with his commentary; and in all honesty I must say that many sentences in my book are either a condensation or a synopsis or a paraphrase of thoughts expressed in his commentary.
     It should be emphasized that I never intended my book to be a commentary or a scholarly treatise. Far from it! This book is intended primarily for lay people, to be read and used as a devotional book. Hence, in addition to the main title, “A Journey Through Revelation,” I am suggesting the sub-title, “An Aid on Our Journey Through Life.”
     If this book will assist its readers in receiving instruction, comfort and hope from Revelation and if it will motivate them to glorify their God and Savior for the great things that He has prepared for them, then it will have served its purpose, and our prayers will have been answered. To that end may God grant His blessing. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Armin C. Gottberg

Chapter 1 - Introductory Remarks 

Chapter 2- Prologue - Greeting - Vision of Christ (1:1-20)

Chapter 3 - Letters to the Seven Churches (2:1-3:22)
  • - The Letter to Ephesus
  • - The Letter to Smyrna
  • - The Letter to Pergamum
  • - The Letter to Thyatira
  • - The Letter to Sardis
  • - The Letter to Philiadelphia
  • - The Letter to Laodicea

Chapter 4 – The Vision of The Seven Seals (4:1-7:17)
  • The Throne 
  • The Lamb and The Scroll
  • The Seals 
  • 144,000 Sealed

Chapter 5 - The Vision of The Seven Trumpets (8:1-11:19)
  • The Seventh Seal and The Golden Censer
  •  The Trumpets 
  • The Angel and The Little Scroll
  • The Two Witnesses
  • The Seventh Trumpet 

Chapter 6 -The Vision of Various Personages and Events (12:1-14:20)
  • The Woman and The Dragon
  • The Beast Out of The Sea 
  • The Beast Out of The Earth
  • The Lamb and The 144,000
  • The Three Angels
  • The Harvest of The Earth

Chapter 7 - The Vision of The Seven Bowls (15:1-16:21)
  • The Song of Moses and The Seven Angels With The Seven Plagues
  • The Seven Bowls of God’s Wrath 

Chapter 8
Victory Over Antichrist:  Babylon, The Great Prostitute (17-19)
  • The Woman on The Beast
  • The Fall of Babylon
  • Praise For Babylon’s Fall 
  •  Praise For The Wedding of The Lamb
  • The Battle; The End of The Two Beasts 

Chapter 9 - Victory Over Satan (20:1-22:5)
  • The Thousand Years
  •  Satan’s Doom 
  • The Great White Throne - The Final Judgment,. 
  • New Heaven, New Earth, New Jerusalem

Chapter 10 - The Conclusion (22:6-21) 

A Special thanks to Evelyn Gottburg.  Thank you for allowing us to publish you husband's book on our website.God's Blessings   Pastor David Baker
Please Help!  I am trying to be careful and accurate when scanning this book into our website.  It you see any typo's please use the email link on the "About Us" page to notify me of the mistake.
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Copyright Armin C. Gottberg

All Rights Reserved

Printed in the United States of America.


Library of Congress catalog card number: 88-91410

Except for Brief quotations in critical articles or reviews, no part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any means without permission in writing C. Gottberg or a designated member of the author’s family.

Scripture quoted by permission. All Scripture quotations are from THE HOLY ,BIBLE NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION. Copyright 1973, 1978, AND 1074 BY The International Bible Society. Used by permission of Zondervan Bible Publishers.

To My Beloved Wife, Evelyn, 
and To The Sunday Morning Adult Bible Class Trinity Lutheran Church Waco, Texas

The author owes a debt of deep gratitude to the following:

Clarence and Betty Lusk (to Betty for her faithful and diligent labors in typing the manuscript; and to Clarence for serving as a consultant);

Attorney Frank and Anna Valentine (to Frank for arranging meetings with publishers, for tending to all legal matters and for serving as an agent and consultant in all phases of getting the book published; and to Anna for her careful reading and critical review of the manuscript); 

John and Doris Angerman for their willing cooperation in attending to sundry matters; John K. Valentine for computer scanning.

Indeed, special thanks are due to all who in any way helped to make the publication of this book possible.

A. C. G.